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WebAnswers is a site, where you can earn money by answering questions, through Google AdSense. In this website, I will teach you everything related to WebAnswers.

What is
As I mentioned, it is a website where you earn by answering questions, and also by asking, but you won’t earn much by asking. You need to answer questions, with good grammar. WebAnswers will not pay you anything, but Google AdSense will do.

Awarded Answers
If you answer any question, and the questioner (who has asked that question) selects it as “This Answers My Question Best”, then you will be awarded for the answer. It is called “awarded answer”. After that, whatever page views or clicks on the ads is yours, which means you get 60% revenue for them and the 60% is fully yours! The more the awarded answers, the higher earnings.

Award To answer %
It is the % of the awards, and if you have above 10 or 10% it is considered good. Above 6 is also considered good.

How Can I find questions to answers?
When you log in, just go to any of the categories and click on any question, and answer it. Or just go to Home Page and sit there and all the recent asked questions appear there. You can go to “Go to 30 unanswered questions of (the particular category or homepage)”.

Can I get awards?
Of course, you can, if your answer is better than others in that question. Answer every type of question and you will get awards.

How can I get awards?
Provide good answers, with:
1.     No spelling mistakes.
2.     Images(optional)
3.     Good explanation.
4.     Respect to the questioner

Will WebAnswers terminate my account for any reason?
Of course, it will, if your account contains the following (in answers, or questions or profile):
(1) Contain deceptive, erroneous or false content;
(2) include pornography, defamatory or obscene content;
(3) provide instructional information about illegal activities;
(4) serve to violate any Federal, state or local laws;
(5) Be used to hack the Website or modify any content that is not Your own; (6) link to any damaging worms, viruses or code;
(7) breach any confidentiality or fiduciary obligation;
(8) Automatically redirect Users to other domains;
(9) solicit responses that relate to illegal activity;
(10) Spam or mass email any Users;
(11) Exploit (through collection or sale) personal information; and (12) serve to threaten or intimidate Users.

I do not believe that WebAnswers pays real money through AdSense. Give me a proof.
Here’s a proof, read this page fully:

Quality Score
Quality score is a kind of score in WebAnswers, which is not shown to anyone or no one can see his/her quality score. It is very important. If you have high quality score, the price per ad clicks will be high. To maintain and have good quality score, you must not do:
·         Incorrect spelling and use of punctuation
·         Use of incomplete sentences
·         Very little content posed – in some cases, your QS may be downward impacted by posting short answers
·         Copy and paste from other sites (answers must be your original work)
·         Posting inaccurate information
·         Your Answers being flagged by other users

                                               Photo Source:
Here are some tips:

·         Stick to your area of expertise – focus on those questions where you can draw upon past experience and knowledge. This will ensure both you and users have an enjoyable experience on this site.

·         Focus on helping other users find solutions to their questions.

·         Go above and beyond when answering questions and make sure you are detailed in your response.

·         Focus on Quality vs. Quantity – answering more questions will get your more short-term exposure, but in the long-run it's all about the Quality of your answers.

·         Absolutely do not click on your own ads – we have terminated users in the past and will continue to be extremely diligent about suspected fraud in the future. If we suspect you of clicking on your own ads, you will be immediately reported to Google and both your WebAnswers and Google AdSense account will be terminated. Absolutely no exceptions!
·         Help promote Webanswers to others via blog postings, incoming links, and word of mouth and get all of your friends and family to participate. The more user activity and exposure, means more money in everyone's pockets.

You can even promote your awarded answers, and earn extra money. Some ways are:
1.        Promote it on Facebook, Twitter, or any social network site.
2.        Share it on stumbleupon, digg, delicious or reddit.
3.        Promote them by putting the link into your website or blogs.

How much can I earn?
You will not earn so early here, you must answer more than 900 questions to see good earnings. However, if you have too many awards, in just less answers, you can see earnings very soon. Post at least 25 answers daily, and ask at least 5 questions, if you desire.

I want to join webanswers. How?

I will be updating this website time to time, so keep visiting! If you have any problem related to WebAnswers, just post a comment here!

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